When it comes to shopping, we want the best deals, no matter what. Shopping for books is no different. I’m sure that a majority of people who shop for books online, shop at one of the two big book sites (Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble). I must admit, when I’m looking for a book, my search begins and ends at Amazon. Or, I should say that it used to begin and end at Amazon.

There is a relatively new web site called Fetchbook.info that has become my number one stop when it comes to book shopping. Fetchbook.info is a free service that compares book prices, in real time, at dozens of book stores (Bookstores that Fetchbook Searches).

There are a couple features that really stand out that have made me really love fetchbook. One is the ability to compare the total book cost. We all no that the bottom line when shopping on the internet includes shipping. Fetchbook allows you to compare based on price, plus shipping cost to your destination. The other feature I like is the ability to search used as well as new books. While I would never recommend buying a used toothbrush, I would definitely recommend buying used books.

Overall, Fetchbook.info is a great site that allows you to be an informed shopper.

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