It is common knowledge that if you want to sell something via the internet [i.e. auctions, personal web site, etc.] then you need to be able to accept credit card payments. This tutorial will show you how to accept credit card payments in your online auctions.

In the past [less than 4 years ago] you had to set up a merchant account with a bank. You then had to sign a contract with the bank [usually three years]. During this three years there would be a litany of charges that basically made it impossible for the small business owner.

Recently there have been some companies that have made it easier than ever to accept credit card payment, whether through web site or auction. The company I like [and use] is called PayPal. [I do use this service and have had at least a dozen transactions via auction sites. ]

I’m now going to discuss the personal account and how to accept credit cards in auctions.

The first thing you have to do is sign up for the service. This is not only a free service, but they actually give you five dollars for signing up [and five dollars for everyone you refer]. They have two types of service, business and personal [features of each].

.01-Upon signing up for the service you will then log in to your account and click on the sell tab on the upper right side of the page.

.02-You will then see ‘Sell on an Auction’ and you will have some choices as to how you wish to sell on that auction. I chose ‘Add a Regular PayPal Logo To Your Auctions’.

.03-You then have the choice of letting them add the logo [Automatic] or you can add it yourself via HTML [Manual]. I chose HTML.

.04-You then decide which logo works best for your and then you copy and paste the HTML that is there, into your auction text. This works with most auction sites including eBay.

PayPal offers a lot of options and a lot of services depending on whether you have a business or are just signing up for a personal account. All of their services are free for personal account. Business accounts are charged 1.9% of the sale price of the item and 30 cents. Very cheap considering the alternatives. Each account is also insured for $100,000.

You can also accept international payments and soon they will offer shopping carts, and the ability to accept checks and debit cards.

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