For those that missed the ads from this years Super Bowl, you can watch them all (and the ones that didn’t make the cut) at - Super Bowl Ads. Even if you did see all of the ads, you’ll want to check out the Budweiser ad entitled “Wardrobe Malfunction” for a look into what really happened at last years Super Bowl.

While we’re at it, here are my top 5 Super Bowl XXIX Ads.

  1. FedEx - Dancing Burt
  2. Diet Pepsi - P.Diddy Truck Trends
  3. Ameriquest - Taser Scare
  4. Career Builder - Kissing Monkey Butt
  5. Ameriquest - Cat Killer

Although I liked the Ameriquest commercials, in retrospect they seem derivative of the Southwest Airlines “Wanna get away” commercials.

For an interesting look at the creation of the “Monkey” ads, check out the USAToday article, You just can’t go wrong with a chimp.  To see how your preferences compared with theirs, see the USAToday Ad Meter.


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