Occasionally, readers email me to get answers to computer questions that they can’t seem to find anywhere else. Today I’m going to share those questions and answers along with a few questions of my own!

Q1: Is there a way on an ipod photo 40 gb to watch movies and videos like the new video ipods? (Kenny B.)

A: Ah, the iPod Video. It’s amazing. iPod-Video.jpgIt, along with the iPod Nano, is the IT item that people want to see under their Christmas Tree this holiday season. It sounds like Kenny may have recently bought an iPod and was then burned by the release of the new iPod (with Video). (How do you decide when to take the plunge for a new piece of technology? But, I digress…)Unfortunately, there is no way to watch video on a pre-5G (5th Generation) iPod.

Q2: I am trying to make a video using either Intervideo Creator, Photo Story 3 or Movie Maker, but I cannot use any of the MP3 music I downloaded because it says it is copyrighted.  How can I get songs for my movies?  Thank you so much!!!!! (Diana)

A: There are two answers to this question. First, visit a site like RoyaltyFreeMusic.com where you will pay $99 for a completely LEGAL music / audio track for your home movie (or any other type of project). The alternative is to scour the internet and / or file sharing networks for audio tracks that you can use in your home movie (NOT LEGAL). Another alternative is to import music from a CD that you already own and use it. This is especially useful if it’s a simple home movie project that is not going to be displayed to the general public.

Q3: I want to add album art easily to my iTunes, and I saw that Clutter could do that. Unfortunately, I use Windows. Any comparable programs? Thanks. (Rina)

A: Not being a Windows user myself, I can’t give a definitive answer to this question. I can say that one program that people seem to like, according to comments and blog posts, is iTunes Art Importer which was designed to automate the process of importing album art into iTunes for Windows.
Q:  I want to make audio CD from Audio Tape. Please advise me how can I convert my favourite songs from Audio Tape to CD. (Thakor Rana)**

A: Importing (ie. digitizing) tapes or records is as much a problem of equipment as it is anything else. If you have the right equipment, the process is a breeze. If not, it’s like walking against a stiff wind. Fortunately, PlaylistMag has written a nice tutorial discussing how to digitize your audio.

Last Q: Who Dey? (me)

A: I don’t get it. Who Dey? I have seen the family on the Amazing Race from Cincinnatti, OH, wearing shirts that say Who Dey and then I recently saw fans at the Bengals games with big foam #1 fingers that say Who Dey? tswhodey.jpgWhat does it mean? Apparently, it is pronounced like “Who They” (substitute the TH with the D when saying) and is a battle cry from the 1988 Cincinnati Bengals that went to the Super Bowl. (“Who-Dey, Who-Dey, Who-Dey think gonna beat dem Bengals!” the players shouted, resurrecting the chant that was a staple of celebrations during Cincinnati’s 1988 run to Super Bowl XXIII. - Cincinnati Post).

Well, that solves that! Hopefully this was as informative for you as it was time consuming for me! Feel free to submit your own question via Twitter and I’ll answer it as soon as possible.

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