I love Amazon Prime.Amazon Prime

The one drag about shopping online is that there is no instant gratification.  You have to wait and wait for your product to arrive (unless it’s a digital download - but we’re talking about physical products here).

With Amazon Prime you get superfast (two day) shipping on most products sold by Amazon.com. And, if two-day shipping doesn’t satisfy that need to have it now - I mean come on, who can wait two whole days? - then for a mere $3.99 per item you can have it even quicker (One Day - Overnight).  $3.99. How can you beat that?

Why am I so effusive in my praise of Amazon Prime? I’ve had it for a couple years but it really hit me last night when I was placing an order for the office.  I ordered an iMac, Epson Photo Scanner and an Adobe CS3 Upgrade. The primary reason that I ordered from Amazon was a) the cheap - free - shipping and b) lack of tax.  As I got to the final step of the checkout I decided to see how much it would be for next day shipping (to have these items on Monday).  I expected it to be significant since I was after all having a computer (heavy) and scanner (large) shipped.  But, low and behold it was only $11.00 more! I was amazed.  I guess I shouldn’t have been - had I actually read the Amazon Prime details I would have been aware of the minimal cost to overnight these items.

What’s the catch? Well, there is an annual fee of $79.00 for the Amazon Prime membership but if you do a lot of shopping at Amazon.com then you will more than make up for it over the course of a year - plus you’re one step closer to Instant Gratification. 

Amazon Prime is not available on items sold through the Amazon Marketplace.

Here is the exact definition of what is excluded from Amazon Prime: Eligible products will be designated on the product page, in the order pipeline, or at check-out. Generally, most items eligible for Super Saver Shipping are also eligible for Amazon Prime Shipping benefits. The program is limited to products sold by Amazon.com and by third-party merchants participating in the Fulfillment by Amazon program. Gift certificates are not eligible for expedited shipping under Amazon Prime. Some Amazon.com products are excluded, including, for example, oversize or heavy items, items regulated as hazardous materials, and other items with special shipping characteristics. Products sold by third parties, such as Target, or through third-party areas, such as Amazon Marketplace, are NOT eligible.

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