I LOVE iPHOTO. But, let’s face it. It becomes bloated. Slow. Sluggish. It can beach ball to the point where you think you are at the public pool.

The cause of this sluggishness is generally a HUGE database of pictures that you have downloaded from your camera. iPhoto suffers from its ease of use. Think about it. How many pictures do PC successfully users get into their computers? A fraction of what you get with a Mac and iPhoto. So, this is actually a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem.
Luckily, there is a FREE piece of software out there that will solve all of your problems (iPhoto at least - you are on your own as far as personal problems go!).

iPhoto Library Manager [download - 244KB] written by Brian Webster

iPhoto Library Manager allows you to split your photos up into any number of separate libraries, store them on any disk connected to your computer, and switch back and forth between them easily.

The iPhoto Library Manager interface [see image below] has been refined since earlier versions and is very easy to use.

iPhoto LM can create a library out of any folder (by selecting Add Library) or can help you make a new library folder. Most likely, you will start by adding your current iPhoto Library to the list of folders. This is done by clicking on Add Library, and then navigating to your current iPhoto Library. You can then name the library anything you want.

To select a library, simply check the one that you want to open and then hit the launch iPhoto button.

The problem with iPhoto Performance has been fixed with recent versions of iPhoto. You may still prefer to use a library manager to seperate your various iPhoto Libraries.  
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