Apple posted a firmware update for the PowerMac G5 yesterday (9/13/04). This update is recommended and improves general system reliability and restores sleep functionality.

The installation is very straightforward.

1 - Download the firmware update from

2 - Save changes to all of your open files.

3 - Open the firmware updater that you downloaded.

4 - Double click on the updater and follow the steps provided by the installer.

Upon completion of updating, click on the Shut Down button.

Once the computer shuts down, push and hold the power button on the G5 until you hear a long tone or see the Power button light flashing.

Your computer will restart and you will see the following message, indicating that the process has completed successfully. Your computer’s firmware is version 5.1.5f1 and is up to date with version 5.1.5 of the Power Mac G5 Firmware Updater.

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