Most people, when transferring files from one Mac to another, will set up a network but in todays tutorial I will show you how to quickly and easily transfer files using fiirewire disk mode.

**What is Firewire Disk Mode? **: When firewire disk mode is enabled, Computer A looks like a connected firewire hard drive to Computer B. (image right - TiBook in Firewire Disk Mode). When you have a computer in firwire disk mode you can no longer access it, except through Computer B. It is esentially an expensive, firewire, hard drive.

**Requirements **: (A) Two computers with firewire ports and (B) a firewire cable with 6-pin connectors on each end. Note - The standard size firewire cable is 6-pin, and the smaller size is, used by some devices and Windows machines is 4-pin.

How To : First, connect the two computers, via your 6-pin to 6-pin firewire cable. Next, start up the computer that you want to be able to read while holding down the T key on the keyboard of same computer.

Success : If you are successful, the screen of the computer in firewire disk mode will be blue with the yellow firewire logo as a screen saver. Now go to Computer B and click on the finder and you should see the firewire disk listed. Copying files from any folder to any folder is as easy as drag and drop.

Disconnect : When you are finished, make sure that you eject the firwire hard disk by clicking the eject button in the finder window or control clicking on the disk and the selecting eject. This will help you avoid the error message indicating that a disk was removed improperly…blah, blah, blah. Click the power button and the computer should start back up in normal operating mode.

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