It’s that time again. Renewal time for my .Mac account. Apple has upped the amount of storage space from 100 MB to 250 MB.  In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to reconfigure your .Mac account to provide more email or iDisk storage space.

While this pales in comparison to Google’s free GMail with 1GB of email storage, it does make the .Mac service a bit more attractive. By default, the 250 MB of space is configured with 125 MB dedicated to email and 125 MB to your iDisk. To change the configuration of the 250 MB, log into your .Mac account. Next, log into your Account Settings by clicking on your username in the .Mac menu bar (see image 1).  This will take you to your Account Status (Personal Info, Credit Card Info, and Password Settings) and Email and iDisk settings page.

Next, click on the Storage Settings button. There, you will see your current storage settings (total storage, email storage and iDisk storage). To change the amount of storage dedicated to your email and iDisk, click on the Manage Your Storage drop-down-menu.  Your storage can be designated in 5 MB increments, totalling 250 MB (see image 2).

The minimum amount of space you can designate to your email account is 15 MB, and the largest amount is 174 MB.

In addition to increasing the amount of space your iDisk includes, Apple has aldo dropped the price of storage.  You can now get 1 GB (1024 MB) of space for $49.95 per year (in addition to the $100.00 .Mac yearly fee).

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