I’ve always been a big fan of the MacHeist deals. The newest bundle (nanoBundle 3) is a great little bundle of apps for $10. Unfortunately, for me, most of the apps that I would want, I already own.

MachHeist Bundle Image

The headliners are Fantastical (normally $20), xScope ($30) and CleanMyMac 2 ($40). I use Fantastical and xScope all the time and CleanMyMac 2 is a well crafted app that helps get rid of useless files on your Mac.


Fantastical is a great little menu-bar calendar that not only allows you to view your upcoming events, but also allows you to add events to your calendar using natural language. So, instead of filling in a series of form fields to add an event to your calendar, you can type in “Meeting with client at 3PM tomorrow at the coffee shop” and Fantastical will add it to your calendar.


xScope, from The Iconfactory, is a set of measuring tools geared toward design and development. My favorite tools are the Ruler - a ruler to measure items on-screen, Guides - similar to the guides you can create in Illustrator and Photoshop but instead of limited to a single application, they float above all of your windows allowing you to keep things in alignment no matter what app you are using. I also frequently use Dimensions, a simple measuring tool that automatically measures the space between objects simply by moving your pointer around the screen.

CleanMyMac 2

CleanMyMac is one of those applications that you don’t really think about until you need it. The big benefit of CleanMyMac has always been finding and deleting unnecessary files on your Mac. In version 2, they have added some really useful features like iPhoto Cleanup which optimizes and reduces the size of you photo library by removing unneeded service copies of images, Trash Cleanup which empties all system Trash folders of your Mac’s internal and external drives, and Uninstaller which allows you to select apps to uninstall completely or reset to their initial state. All of this is done in a beautiful interface with a robust help system to help you understand what you are about to do.

In addition to those three apps, which will more than justify the price, the bundle also includes some interesting apps that I am not familiar with but may need to check out - Clarify (Clarify makes it easy to create gorgeous tutorials and how-to’s.), AirServer (Beam music and videos from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac!) and Path Finder (If you’ve ever wished that the Finder supported tabs like a web browser, Path Finder is the tool for you.)

In addition to a terrific bundle of apps, 10% of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice (from a list of charities that they have selected).

All in all, this is a great deal, and I think I’ve talked myself into buying the bundle.

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