Aren’t we all looking for a simple way to rip Wav files into MP3’s?

I highly recommend iTunes from Apple. Being a mac user myself (who sometimes has to live in the Windows world), I’ve loved iTunes from day one. I don’t think there is a better JukeBox software package out there. Add in the fact that it is free, and it’s a no brainer.

But, I know that some of you out there just want to rip your WAV files to MP3 (and vice versa) format in the simplest manner possible. That is where RightClick-MP3 comes in.

There is not a whole lot of effort that goes into using, RightClick-MP3. It’s basically a two step process. First, find the WAV file that you want to encode, second right click on it and select Encode this WAV to and MP3. That’s it. No Fuss, No Muss. There are a couple other keystrokes (Press Any Key type things) that are required, but they are minimal.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because RightClick-MP3 is contained in a menu, that it is not a full featured program. This little baby packs some punch. It uses BladeEnc for encoding and L3Decode for decoding. You can also specify bit rate via its Start Menu Icon.

All of this in a small (396K) package. Oh, did I mention it is FREE? One more reason to go download this today.

I can’t really speak to the speed of the program because I was using it in Virtual PC on my PowerBook G4 (550MHZ). If you have any information on the speed of RightClick-MP3, be sure to post it on the message board.

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