Email Obfuscating? What the heck is email obfuscating and how can it help me avoid SPAM in my inbox?

Obfuscate means : To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand [].
When you obfuscate your email address on a web page you make it hard for a spider to harvest it. Spider? Harvest? Spiders are programs that work their way around the internet harvesting (collecting) information. Some spiders, like search engine spiders, are good. Others, like email spiders (also called spambots) are bad.

Email spiders scour the internet looking for one thing; Email Addresses. When they find one, they add it to their list. That list eventually becomes part of some CD-ROM that is sold to Spammers. The Spammer then uses that CD-ROM to flood your in box with junk email.

The question is “How can we protect our email address while maintaining the ability to interact with our visitors?”

The Answer: Obfuscate your email address. In this tutorial I’ll give you various resources for combatting SPAM.

To Javascript or not to Javascript, that is the question.

There are basically two different ways of obfuscating your email address. One is to insert some Javascript code in place of your email, the other is to use plain text that converts your email address into a series of numeric encodings.

Javascript: Javascript is the more secure of the two methods because spiders are unable to process the script that contains your email address. The only downside to Javascript is that old (primitive) browsers or those with Javascript turned off will not have access to your email address. From what I’ve seen and heard somewhere between 10 and 20% of users will not have Javascript capable browsers (or they will have it turned off).

Javascript Email Obfuscation Sites [Both of these site will help you generate the Javascript that you will then paste into the HTML of your page.]:

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