Most website owners (and anyone who uses the Google Toolbar with their browser) has heard of Google Page Rank. but how do you monitor it (or show it off)? In today’s Web Design Tutorial (Web Design Tutorial Archive) I’m going to show you how to add a small bit of code to your web page that will display your Google Page Rank for all the world to see.

To display your Google Page Rank, visit and type in the URL of your website. Next, click on the Your Page Rank button. On the resulting page you will see your page rank in a small box (see page rank below) and the script which you can then paste into the code on your web page to constantly display the page rank of your site.

Google PageRank™ - Post your PR with MyGooglePageRank.comMy Google Page Rank

This can help you monitor the importance of your website (as far as Google is concerned) and let others know what your site rank is.

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