Someone recently asked me how to add a ‘Set as Homepage’ link to their website. If you are unfamiliar with these types of links, they are links which you can click on to set the current page as your homepage. It simplifies the process for changing the homepage (see previous tutorial on setting homepage in Internet Explorer) that you have set in your browser. In this tutorial for website designers I’ll show you how you can add a link like this to your website.

To add this link you will need to have access to the actual code that makes up your webpage. If you are unfamiliar with how to modify the HTML code or do not have access to the page, then you will need to have whoever maintains your website do this for you.

A web search for resources about adding this code will turn up a lot of results. The easiest that I’ve found is at They have created a free resource that allows you to input a few bits of information and generate the code with one click. Set as Homepage Link.

If you would prefer to create a button that allows a user to add your link to their favorites (bookmarks), also has you covered there ( Create a Bookmark Link). 

Tools like this make it easier for your visitors to return to your website. One caveat is that these tools do not function in all browsers so you may want to test them before deploying them to see how they will work.

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