I’m a big fan of and use it on most all of the sites that I build. I recently installed a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) to a site of mine and was hoping to use Google Analytics to track the searches that were performed on the site in the Google CSE.

The problem is that after a couple days, there were still no results. It was off to the Google CSE Discussion Group to search for the answer - and I found it.

By the way, the Google CSE Discussion Group seems to not be monitored by anyone at Google or if it is, it’s not a priority to respond to queries. But there are still answers to be found from fellow users.

The answer I found was to edit the Profile Settings in Google Analytics for the site in question. Now, I’m going to assume that you’ve set Site Search to ‘Do Track Site Search.’ If you haven’t, do that. Next, you need to add a Query Parameter to the parameters that are already in place (term,search,query). The query parameter that you want to add is ‘q’ (see image). Now hit ‘Save Changes.’

Picture 5.png

That’s it. Now, just wait for the results to be displayed in Google Analytics.

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