My best friend from high school, and fellow Orioles fan, recently turned me on to a new way to get Major League Baseball (MLB) content via the AOL Instant Messenger client (or iChat for Mac users).

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to access this same content.

To access the content add MLB to your buddy list (AIM name: mlb). As you can see, I’ve added the MLB logo (which I found via the image search) and Major League Baseball to the name fields.

Once you’ve added MLB to your buddy list, initiate a chat and type main. Typing main will bring up a menu of options including 1-Alerts & Live Polls, 2-Standings, 3-Headlines, 4-Fantasy Games, 5-MLB Multimedia, 6-Team Info, 7-Statistics, 8-Schedule and 9-Tickets. Accessing content is then as simple as typing the number of the option that you would like to access and hitting enter. Below I have added a transcript of a chat session that I had recently with  Most of the content links to a website (either the individual team or to so you will need your web browser.

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