MacDesign Magazine, one of the best you’ll find for tips, tricks and tutorials on the applications that are near and dear to the heart (and wallet) of every web developer, graphic designer and video editor has changed names and focus (slightly).

It will now be called Layers Magazine, and it will primarily focus on Adobe applications. While this is not a huge change of course, it will mean that Final Cut Pro is no longer a feature in the magazine (although it will continue to be a focus on the MacDesign website).

For those of you who use Flash and Dreamweaver, both applications from Macromedia, you have nothing to worry about now that Adobe has made a bid to buy Macromedia.

The Layers Magazine website has a plethora of information for the Graphic Design professional. You’ll find how-to’s, video demonstrations, training DVDs and articles about your favorite apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, InDesign, Acrobat, Flash and Dreamweaver).

For more information about what is ahead for Layers Magazine, check out this Q/A with Layers Magazine editor Scott Kelby.

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