Now that Tiger [MacOS 10.4] is in the wild, the new version of QuickTime is also available. QuickTime 7, currently only available on the Macintosh, offers a host of new features including the ability to view (and create with the Pro version) beautiful high definition video using the new H.264 codec.

For all those getting ready to upgrade, be warned… (that’s called a tease)

If you currently have the Pro Version of QuickTime 6, you will need to purchase a new registration key to enable QuickTime Pro 7. As someone who rarely reads the warnings when updating software from the Software Update window, this came to a shock to me. I was completely oblivious to the fact until I tried to unlock Pro features of 7 using my version 6 key. Apparently, there were warnings that this would be the case but I missed them. If you find yourself in the same predicament, then you have two choices; (1) Purchase a new key or (2) Reinstall QuickTime 6 using this 6.5.2 reinstaller which removes QuickTime 7.

The major update to the free QuickTime 7 Player is the H.264 codec which allows you to view HD content. Apple has provided an HD gallery to demonstrate the capabilities of the new codec. These samples are visual feasts, but be warned, they are HUGE!

In addition to the new codec, the QuickTime logo/icon has changed slightly. See image below for before and after images.

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